This site is a translation of my original Dutch site. On this site you will find everything about herbs. We have many plants in the garden or we them use in the kitchen. We even see some as weeds and we pull them out of the ground and throw them away. On this site I want to show how we can use the plants. I try to write everything as comprehensively as possible. On the page of an herb you will find the Latin name, but I don’t use it further. I always find it very disturbing when I open an encyclopedia and I have to struggle through the Latin names. However, if you want to get serious with herbs, you must have knowledge of the Latin name. This is because this is always the correct name. Many herbal names are similar and are easily confused. Only one herb can be beneficial and the other not even toxic. By finding the herb in the Latin name you can be sure that you have the right herb in your hands.                                                                                                               And applies to every herb.                                                                      Always read the text that accompanies the herb before you start using the herb.                                                                                If you really do not trust the complaint, always consult a doctor.                                                                                                 This site is intended as help I am not a doctor.                                                                  I have classified my pages as follows: First a piece of text with: history fun facts, functioning etc ... Here I describe as the title says. How the plant grows and external characteristics. If you want the plant in your garden you can find where the best place is. Of course you want to be good for your plant and here you will find how to best care for the plant. Plants can also get sick or be bothered by animals. Here it is described, and click on the sentence and you will come to the page where it is explained how you can prevent and / or remedy those problems. All plants have a lifespan and sometimes you just want more of this herb. Then it is nice to know how you can multiply the plant. Click on the sentence and you will immediately see how this type of propagation works. Of course you don’t want to harvest too quickly, but you don’t want to be late. Here I describe when you can harvest the best. You cannot always use everything from a plant. Some parts can even be toxic. Here is described which parts you can use. In the front piece is already described the operation, but sometimes it is not convenient to struggle through a text. That is why I make a list of how it works here.                         and Many herbs can be used in the kitchen or in cosmetics. Below these headings I describe where and how. If I have a DIY recipe I will write it here. Always nice to try. An essential oil is made from a number of herbs. Here I describe this oil. Also read this page before use: Essential oil. For the interested, I describe the chemical composition of the oil here. Er zijn meerdere manieren hoe je een olie kan gebruiken: Verstuiven of Verdampen, Massage, Inwendig gebruik, Bad. Sommige oliën zijn voor bepaalde doeleinden niet geschikt. Als bijv.inwendig gebruik er niet bij staat, neem deze dan ook niet in. Dit kan juist verkeerd uitpakken. Uitwendig kun je de meesten wel gebruiken, maar puur gebruiken is bij alle oliën niet goed. Het is zeer sterk namelijk en moet in bijna alle gevallen verdunt worden met een plantaardige olie zoals olijfolie, amandelolie etc…. The beauty of essential oil is that it also works on your emotion and can therefore help you. This effect is especially noticeable with evaporation in an oil burner, for example. Here I describe which emotion it promotes. Here I describe which emotion it processes. Very important to read before using the essential oil. You will see that I do not use all the headings on all pages. This is because I do not have any information or it does not apply. Like with essential oil and problems. This page is also interesting to read. This way you can enjoy your harvest even longer (click on this sentence) I have added pages that deal with mushrooms. I hope you enjoy reading my site. I have a facebook page linked to this site.                                                                                                                                     Here I will keep you informed about this site and you can ask questions about this site.
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